Frequently asked questions received from the public.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Brattleboro Police Department is located in the town’s Municipal Center at 230 Main Street.  Parking is available behind the building in the Municipal Center lot, located off Grove Street.   From Main Street, turn onto Grove Street by the Post Office.  From High Street, turn onto Oak Street at the 4-way stop with flashing light, then turn right onto Grove Street.  You may also call 257-7950 and ask for directions.


Evidence and property is stored in a secure location, accessible by only a few people.  You may pick up property on Wednesdays between 8:30am and 11:30am, or on Thursdays between 1:30pm and 4:30pm.  Calling ahead is a good idea, as police officers are often called out of the building.

Non-evidentiary property is held for 30 days and then destroyed.  To claim property, bring your photo ID during the above noted days and times and ask at the dispatch window for the Evidence custodian.  Please note that unclaimed “found property” cannot be given to the person who found it—even if the owner does not claim the property.


To report a crime in progress, dial 911.   911 is for emergency use only. An emergency is an event where a person or property is in immediate danger of injury, theft or damage.  When you call 911, a dispatcher will ask you a number of questions.  Please remain calm and answer all questions completely.

To report a crime that has already occurred, dial 257-7950.  Be prepared to tell the dispatcher the nature and location of the incident, your name, your date of birth, your address and phone number.  Please remain calm and answer all questions completely.


If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident that was investigated by a police officer, you should have been given a copy of the Vermont Uniform Crash Report.    Your insurance company may ask that you get a copy of the completed report from the police department.   You do not have to do this, your insurance premiums cover the cost, and your insurance company will make this request on your behalf.

If your accident was not investigated, or if you did not receive a copy at the time it occurred, please go to the Resources section of our website and fill out the Report Request form.  Mail or drop it off at the Brattleboro Police Department.  When the report has been completed by the officer, and the copy has been made, you’ll be called and told the fee.  While most reports are available within a week or so, some copies can take a while, as the officer has up to 30 days to complete the investigation.  Further delays can be caused if someone was arrested as the result of your accident.


Go to the Resources section of our website and fill out the Report Request form.  Please give as much information as possible about the incident, such as date, time, location and people involved.  Reports cannot be released until reviewed by a supervisor and there may be other delays and sometimes we may refuse to fulfill your request.  If that happens, we will explain the reason for that refusal.   Report Request forms are also available at the Dispatch window.


Vehicles are usually towed because they were in violation of the City Ordinances, or were towed from a privately owned lot, at the request of a property manager or owner.  In either case, the company that towed the vehicle is required to contact our communications center and report the vehicle's registration, make, date and location from where it was towed.  Please contact the Brattleboro Police Department at (802) 257-7950 to inquire on where your vehicle may be.


Police officers can’t help you much with civil issues.  If you’re having a dispute with your landlord or another tenant in your building, you can get more information at CVOEO.    If you’ve allowed someone to live in your home for longer than 30 days, or if you’ve accepted any kind of “payment” from them, whether it be cash or even just doing chores, they might be considered your tenant and you may not be able to force them to leave your residence without going through an eviction process.

If someone owes you money, your solution may lie in small claims court, another civil remedy.

Don’t let your civil dispute lead to a crime—keep your voice down when discussing it, never threaten anyone, and don’t let anger and frustration boil over and lead to an assault, because that’s a crime that Brattleboro Police will respond to and deal with in a criminal manner.


What is the Brattleboro Police jurisdiction?

All law enforcement officers in Vermont have jurisdiction throughout the entire state, but Brattleboro Police officers handle most calls inside the limits of the Town of Brattleboro.


Can the Police help me if I lock my keys in the car?

Hopefully we can. If you call for this service, be prepared to sign a waiver form releasing the Brattleboro Police Department from any damages that may occur to your vehicle during the process. Damage is very seldom and officers take care to avoid causing any if possible. There is no fee for this service.


Who do I contact for an animal problem?

You can contact the Brattleboro Police Department at (802) 254-7950. If the problem needs immediate attention, Brattleboro Dispatch can send a duty officer to attempt to take care of it.


How do I become one of Brattleboro’s Finest?

To become a Brattleboro Police Officer, you must first meet the department requirements.  Next you must complete an application packet. Once you complete that portion, you will then be invited to testing at the Vermont Police Academy in Pittsford, VT. This consists of written, physical, and psychological tests. If you pass testing, you may then be invited to be interviewed by an oral board. A background check isconducted and you must submit to a polygraph test. Successful candidates then must complete 16 weeks of Basic Training at the Vermont Police Academy. Upon graduation, they must complete at least 12 weeks of field training at the Brattleboro Police Department with a Field Training Officer.


All you have to do it call Dispatch at (802) 257-7950 and tell them where you live, how you can be contacted, and the dates you will be gone. They may also request additional information. It will then be given to the shift supervisors to pass on to their officers.


If you are following a car and you see erratic operation or you believe the operator is driving drunk, simply call 911. Be prepared to give as much detailed information about the vehicle and the way they are driving. Try to get the license plate number and a description of the car. Also the location the vehicle, and where it is heading. All this information combined can make iteasier for officers to locate and stop the correct vehicle in a timely manner. For more information on drinking and driving visit the Vermont Governor’s Highway Safety website.


Parking tickets can be dropped off at the Parking Enforcement Office located in the parking garage on Flat Street.  You can drop off the parking ticket at the Brattleboro Police Department, 230 Main Street, as long as you do not need a receipt and have exact change.  Parking tickets are handled by the Parking Enforcement section of the Department, with regular business hours of Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


People are frequently under the impression that they can "press charges" against someone, and not aware of the fact that the State actually brings the charge.  In criminal cases, the State of Vermont, through a State's Attorney, makes a decision whether to bring a charge.  In some cases, the State's Attorney may bring a charge even if the victim does not wish to cooperate.


We strongly recommend that you ask for the Officer's business card, or write down the Officer's name and badge number.  If you did not get the Officer's name, you can contact the Records Division at (802) 257-7950 or the Officer in Charge.


Unless you have been arrested by the Brattleboro Police Department, we do not take fingerprints.  If you need to have your prints taken for personal reasons, please contact the Windham County Sheriffs Department at (802) 365-4941.


Abuse prevention Orders, sometimes called TROs, are issued by the Family Court.  If you are trying to obtain such an order during normal business hours, you need to go to the Windham County Family Court at (802) 257-2820.   After court hours, you can contact the Brattleboro Police Department Dispatch at (802) 257-7950.