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Unlawful Trespass into Occupied Dwelling

Colton Bratton, 25, Of Bellows Falls, VT

Officer Penniman

On 9/1/17 in the early morning hours, Brattleboro Police were called to a residence on Central Street for a report of an intoxicated male, later identified as Colton Bratton, who had climbed a ladder to an upstairs apartment, pushed in the A/C unit, and had made entrance into the apartment.

The resident did not want Bratton arrested, however wanted him out of the apartment and issued a No Trespass Order for the residence. Bratton was issued a No Trespass for the residence, and sent on his way.

Within half an hour the resident called Police again, stating that Bratton had climbed the ladder again, and was attempting to enter the residence via the A/C unit again. Upon arrival, Police searched the area, and eventually located Bratton. Bratton was subsequently placed under arrest for Unlawful Trespass of an Occupied Dwelling.

Bratton was transported to the Brattleboro Police Department, where he was held until sober, and released on Court Ordered Condition of Release.

Bratton will appear at Windham County Court on 10/17/17 to answer his charge.