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Disorderly Conduct, Domestic Assault, Arrest on Warrant

Noah Gillard, 28, of Brattleboro

Jahquani Daley, 19, of Brattleboro

Officer Hamilton

On July 5 2017 officers of the Brattleboro Police Department were on patrol on Canal St. when they observed a fight taking place between Noah Gillard and Jahquani Daley. Gillard and Daley were separated and arrested for Disorderly Conduct. Subsequent investigation revealed that the fight began because Daley assaulted a woman Daley was romantically involved with, who was related to Gillard. Daley was also charged with Domestic Assault, and had an outstanding warrant. Injuries from the fight were minor, and no one was transported to the hospital. Both Gillard and Daley were released with conditions, and will appear in Windham County Superior Court: Criminal Division on August 15 and July 6, respectively, to face the charges.