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Drug overdoses

Detective LT Evans

July 5, 2017

  • Over the last approximately 24 hours Brattleboro Police Officers have responded to 11 overdoses. This is a significant number of overdoses for the timeframe.

  • While there were some commonalities observed in a few cases, preliminary investigation has not shown a distinct connection between all of the overdoses.

  • Preliminary investigation has also uncovered that multiple “stamps” were observed or otherwise confirmed in relation to these overdoses; they were not all from one “stamp.”

  • It is believed that Naloxone was deployed at each overdose.

  • Two subjects were life-flighted to area hospitals; as of now we do not have any new information to provide on their conditions.

  • Each of these incidents is still being actively investigated.

Anyone with any information regarding these incidents is encouraged to call the Brattleboro Police Department at 802-257-7950. Alternatively, anonymous calls can be made to our tip line at 802-251-8188.