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Violation of Court Order

Phyllis Parent, 28 of Brattleboro

George Gravatt, 29 of Brattleboro

Officer Cable

On 6/12/17 at approximately 10 PM officers of the Brattleboro Police Department responded to the Transportation Center on Flat Street for a report of a dispute. Responding officers located Phyllis Parent (28 of Brattleboro) and George Gravatt (29 of Brattleboro). No physical altercation was reported however investigation showed that both Parent and Gravatt had court ordered conditions of release stating that they could not have contact with each other. Gravatt was issued a citation to appear at court on 7/18/17 and released. Parent, whose conditions stemmed from an alleged domestic assault, was arrested and held until deemed sober. Parent was later released on a citation to appear at court on 6/20/2017.