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Criminal DLS

Rochefort, Kenneth, A Jr. 41 Year Old Male from Brattleboro

Officer Penniman

On 12/16/17, while conducting a directed traffic patrol on Cedar Street, Brattleboro Police recognized a vehicle that had a license plate on it that was not registered.  Brattleboro Police then verified their suspicion, and conducted a motor vehicle stop under the suspicion of the plates not being assigned to the vehicle, and due to defective equipment on the vehicle.  

Police made contact with the operator, who was identified as Kenneth Rochefort. A run of Rochefort’s information yielded that his right to operate a motor vehicle in the State of Vermont has been revoked, and any operation of a vehicle on a public highway by him is criminal in nature.  Rochefort was placed under arrest for Criminal DLS. He was transported to the Brattleboro Police Station, where he was processed, and released on a citation. Rochefort with appear at Windham County Superior Court on 1/23/18 to answer his charge.