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Disorderly Conduct

Bryant, David A-38- Springfield, VT

Officer Kerylow

On 12/07/2017 Brattleboro Police responded to Brattleboro Memorial Hopsital for a report of David A. Bryant acting disorderly towards staff. While police were en route it was advised that Bryant had assaulted a staff member.  

Upon arrival, it was determined that Bryant was asked to leave multiple times due to his belligerent behavior. Bryant refused to leave and attempted to assault staff. Bryant was restrained by staff and in the process he kicked a staff member.  

Bryant was arrested and transported to the Brattleboro Police Department. Bryant was ordered held until sober, issued Conditions of Release and a citation to appear in court on 01/16/2018 to answer the charges of Disorderly Conduct and Assault on a Protected Professional.