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Sexual Assault//Public Safety

Press Release 


Date: 10/25/2017 

Investigator: Criminal Investigation Division 

Case Number: Multiple 



In the last three months, the Brattleboro Police Department has opened investigations into two sexual assault complaints which share some similar characteristics. Those characteristics include: 

  • Occurring in residential areas of town (although not in the same neighborhood) 

  • Early morning hours 

  • Adult females who live alone 

  • Assault took place in the victim’s residence 

  • Assailant was unknown to the victim 

The Criminal Investigation Division has a detective who is specially trained and assigned to investigate sexual crimes in town. These two cases they have been prioritized and additional resources have been assigned to the investigation. The CID is actively investigating and pursuing all available leads. Anyone with information related to these or other incidents, reported or unreported, is urged to do one of the following: 

  • Call the Brattleboro Police 802-257-7950 

  • Call the Brattleboro Police anonymous tip line 802-251-8188 

  • Call the Crime Hotline 800-533-TIPS 

  • Email the Brattleboro Police 

The rate of reporting sexual crimes in Brattleboro this year has been consistent with years prior. There has not been an increase in these incidents being reported to police. However, due to the similarities described above, BPD has decided to issue this release. Additional information will be released as appropriate for public safety and investigatory needs. 


The public is reminded to keep general safety practices in mind such as securing your residences and vehicles, and being aware of your surroundings.