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Obstruction of Justice

Cara L. Rodrigues, 25, of Wardsboro, VT

Officer Kerylow

On 04/11/2016 Cara L. Rodrigues was released from the custody of the Brattleboro Police Department for an arrest that occurred on 04/10/2016. The vehicle that Rodrigues was operating on 04/10/2016 was seized in order to apply for a search warrant and brought back to the Brattleboro Police Department where it was wrapped in yellow "police line do not cross" tape and evidence tape. Upon being released from the Police Department, Rodrigues was found making entry to the vehicle after being instructed that she could not enter. Rodrigues was then taken back into custody for tampering with evidence. Rodrigues was released with conditions of release and a citation to appear in court today, 04/12/2016, to answer the charge.