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Check Fraud

Donnell T. Cradle, 56, of Springfield, MA

Edward M. Gearing III,  37,  of Springfield, MA

Raymond L. Stephenson, 37, of Springfield, MA

Detective Eaton

On August 28, 2015, a business owner in Brattleboro received a call from her bank asking about suspicious checks that were cashed in New Hampshire. It was determined that these checks were not hers and were fraudulently created with her business information on it. Several checks were cashed in Brattleboro over the course of a few days between the above listed men totaling $7,200. More checks were cashed in New Hampshire. Gearing and Stephenson were caught at the bank in New Hampshire by Chesterfield Police and Cradle was identified later on.

Vermont arrest warrants have been issued for all three men.