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Reckless Endangerment

15 year old Brattleboro resident

SGT Warner

On 11/11/16 at approximately 2:10am, Brattleboro Officers responded to a residence on Frost St. regarding a gunshot. Upon arrival, the caller informed officers that a bullet had penetrated his closet wall, and gone through his ceiling into the apartment above. The caller stated he, his wife, and infant child, were sleeping within 4 feet of the closet when the bullet came through. No one in the residence was injured.

Subsequent investigation revealed that a juvenile in the house next door had accidentally discharged a rifle. Two rifles were seized from the juvenile's possession. The juvenile was issued a citation to appear in court to face the charge of Reckless Endangerment.

The Brattleboro Police strongly encourage parents to educate any juveniles that have access to firearms on their safe and proper handling, and recommend enrolling them in a Hunter's Safety Course.