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Scam Alert

The Brattleboro PD received a complaint of a caller stating they were with the Brattleboro "Village" Police Department and there was a warrant out for the persons arrest.  The caller ID number received was one of the actual lines used by the Brattleboro Police Department (257-7946).  The caller provided a fictitious case number to the complainant.  The caller directed the complainant to contact a law firm at a number provided by the caller.  This law firm would then assist them with clearing the warrant, most likely by making a monetary arrangement with the fictitious law firm.  

If you are contacted in this manner, please contact the Brattleboro Police  Department to verify any information regarding arrest warrants.  The Brattleboro Police Department does not contact anyone in this manner to resolve warrants and does not provide case information over the phone.  We do not direct anyone to contact a law firm to resolve warrants by phone,  Do not provide any personal information or conduct monetary legal transactions by telephone.