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Rabid Animal Located in Brattleboro

On Monday 12/7/15 the Brattleboro animal control officer responded to a citizen complaint of a rabid raccoon. The animal displayed signs of infection, was euthanized, and sent to the department of health for testing. BPD was notified on 12/9/15 that the animal tested positively for rabies. The animal was seized on Organ Street.

Brattleboro police and animal control officer respond to incidents related to domestic animals. Vermont Fish and Wildlife should be contacted when an issue with a wild animal arises. However, when F&W is unavailable and when the need is urgent, BPD may be able to cover and assist.

Wild animals do not like human contact and usually flee in the presence of humans. If an animal is not scared off by human presence or acts strangely, rabies should be suspected. Other symptoms include excessive salivation, apparent disorientation, acting lethargic, and nocturnal animals present during the day (racoons, skunks, etc).

If you suspect a rabid animal, do not try to capture or kill it. Rather, contact VT Fish and Wildlife.

Rabies is transmitted through saliva, brain matter, and spinal fluid. Bites from rabid animals are a common transmission method, but contact between saliva or wet nerve tissue with an open wound, eyes, mouth, or nose can also cause infection.

All domestic animals should have updated vaccinations against rabies.