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Fraudulent Water Calls

Captain Carignan

The Brattleboro police department and department of public works have received several reports of suspicious activity related to water service. Fraudulent phone calls have been made to residents claiming that the caller needs to access the home in order to test water, make repairs, or tend to other matters.

These calls are fraudulent and are likely intended to allow suspects access for a burglary or to identify false problems with water and plumbing in an effort to get residents to pay money for unneeded repairs.

The Brattleboro public works department regularly tests water on the supply side and does not test water at residences. If equipment needed to be checked (such as a meter) the Town would call during normal business hours to make an appointment. When arriving to do work, DPW employees would be in clothes with Brattleboro logos driving fully marked DPW vehicles.

Anyone receiving a fraudulent call is encouraged to report it to the Brattleboro police. Residents are encouraged to call DPW to confirm the validity of callers and appointments.