Brattleboro Police Department Press Releases. 

Criminal Contempt

Date of incident: 5/14/14

Corey Russell, 27, of Brattleboro

Officer Eaton

On May 14, 2014 at approximately 1535 hours, Brattleboro Police responded to the Transportation Center for a report of a violation of conditions of release. The investigation lead to the arrest of Russell. He was issued a citation to appear in court at a later date.

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Simple Assault / Unlawful Mischief

Date of Incident: 11/26/13

Officer Godinho

Corey S. Russell, 27, of Brattleboro, VT

On 11/26/13 at approximately 16:54, the Brattleboro Police responded to a residence on Marlboro Road for a report of an assault that had occurred.  After the investigation was completed, Corey S. Russell, 27, of Brattleboro, was arrested for Simple Assault and Unlawful Mischief.  He was released on a citation and conditions of release.