Brattleboro Police Department Press Releases. 

Unsolved Thefts

Date of Incident: 11/10/13 0021

Lt. Perkins

The Brattleboro Police Dept. is currently investigating numerous unsolved thefts from motor vehicles that have occurred throughout the town within the past month and a half.  The department is requesting the assistance of the public with any information in these thefts.  It is also requested that anyone observing suspicious activity around any vehicle to contact the police dept. immediately.  Those persons with any information is requested to contact the police at 802 257-7950.  

The police also want to remind the public to ensure that vehicles are locked if unattended.  Also to keep items of value out of sight or to remove them from the vehicle all together.   Some of the thefts have occurred by breaking a window of the vehicle but, a majority of the thefts have occurred from vehicles that were left unlocked.   

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