Town of Brattleboro Parking Information.

 Parking in Brattleboro

The Parking Office can be located on Flat Street, 1st floor of the Parking Garage.  Hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and they can be reached at (802) 257-2305.

Helpful tips on how to use the parking cards:

  1. Insert card.  This will log the card in. 
  2. Meter will show max time allowed. 
  3. Remove card. 
  4. When you return to the meter insert card.  Meter will debit your card for the amount of time you parked. 
  5. Remove card.  This will log card out. 

Questions: Call 802-257-2305 x 178

Parking Tickets

Can I pay this ticket here? I have a complaint regarding my ticket, to whom do I speak?

Parking tickets can be dropped off at the Parking Enforcement Office located in the parking garage on Flat Street. You can drop off the parking ticket at the Brattleboro Police Department, 230 Main Street, as long as you do not need a receipt and it has to be exact change. Parking tickets are handled by the Parking Enforcement section of the Department, with regular business hours of Monday through Friday.

Where is my car? 

Vehicles are usually towed because they were in violation of the City Ordinances, or were towed from a privately owned lot, at the request of a property manager or owner. In either case, the company that towed the vehicle is required to contact our communications center and report the vehicle's registration, make, date and location from where it was towed. Please contact the Brattleboro Police Department at (802) 257-7950 to inquire on where your vehicle may be.